About Us | Abarii

Who We Are? 

Abarii is an innovative online platform dedicated to learning African languages. It connects students with experienced tutors globally, offering live video lessons for all proficiency levels. With thousands of expert-led courses and supplementary materials, Abarii provides flexibility in scheduling and personalized learning experiences. Ultimately, Abarii offers a convenient and efficient way to enhance language skills at one's own pace.  

What is Our Vision? 

Making African languages accessible to all.

What is our Mission?


Empower learners to connect with African languages and cultures through innovative online education. 

What are our Values?

  • Diversity: Celebrating the richness of African languages and cultures.

  • Accessibility: Making language learning available to everyone. 

  • Quality: Providing high-quality education through expert-led courses and personalized learning.

  • Community: Fostering an inclusive environment for students to connect and grow together.

  • Innovation: Embracing technology and innovation to enhance learning experiences continuously.

Why Abarii?

  • Expert Tutors: Partnering with native or fluent speakers to deliver excellent instruction.

  • Live Video & Recorded Video Lessons: Communicating one-on-one and group sessions for engaging learning.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Courses covering diverse African languages and proficiency levels, with extra resources.

  • Personalized Learning: Tailored courses accommodating individual preferences and progress.

  • Feedback and Support: Continuous guidance and interaction to aid students in achieving their language goals.


Q: What languages are available for learning on Abarii?

R: Abarii offers a wide range of African languages for learning.

Q: How do I find and select a tutor on Abarii?

R: Easily browse through our diverse tutor profiles and select the one that suits your learning needs.

Q: Are Abarii tutors native speakers or qualified instructors in African languages?

R: Yes, our tutors are native speakers or qualified instructors in African languages, ensuring top-notch instruction.

Q: Can I schedule lessons at my convenience on Abarii?

R: Absolutely, schedule your lessons conveniently according to your own timetable on Abarii.

Q: How do one-on-one lessons differ from group lessons on Abarii?

R: One-on-one lessons offer personalized attention, while group lessons provide a collaborative learning environment.

Q: What teaching methods and materials do tutors use on Abarii?

R: Our tutors employ diverse teaching methods and provide supplementary materials to enhance your learning experience.

Q: Are there resources or homework assignments provided for lessons on Abarii?

R: Yes, we offer resources and homework assignments to reinforce your learning outside of lessons.

Q: How can I track my progress and performance on Abarii?

R: Easily monitor your progress and performance through our tracking tools on Abarii.

Q: What is the process for canceling or rescheduling lessons on Abarii, and what are the cancellation policies?

R: You can cancel or reschedule lessons easily on Abarii, with our flexible cancellation policies in place.

Q: Is there a trial lesson option available for new students on Abarii?

R: Yes, new students can enjoy a trial lesson option to experience our platform before committing.

Q: What are the payment options and pricing structures for lessons on Abarii?

R: We offer various payment options and transparent pricing structures for your convenience on Abarii.

Q: Is customer support available to assist with any issues or questions I may have while using Abarii?

R: Yes, our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any issues or questions you may have on Abarii.


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