Engaging with Africa Confidently...

At Abarii, we are committed to making african languages learning easier! Our platform connects language teachers with dedicated students who are eager to explore the beauty of communication and connect with Africa with confidence.

Engaging with Africa Confidently...

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Course Learn Arabic Language

Learn Arabic Language

in Arabic
5:00 Hours
19 Jan 2024
Finished The Complete Igbo Language Course

The Complete Igbo Language Course

in Bambara
1:00 Hours
1 Mar 2024

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Have Questions?
Ask Them in the Forum and Get Your Answers

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What our customers say about us

Fatima Diop

Fatima Diop

Native Yoruba Teacher

"We've used Abarii for the last 30 days.
Thanks for the great service."

Thabo Molefe

Thabo Molefe

Native Swahili Teacher

"We're loving it. Abarii is both perfect
and highly adaptable."

Kwame Adjei

Kwame Adjei

Native Igbo Teacher

"I am really satisfied with Abarii. It's the
perfect solution for teaching online."

Juma Kenyatta

Juma Kenyatta

Native Amharic Teacher

"I am so pleased with this product.
I couldn't have asked for more than this."

Aisha Nkrumah

Aisha Nkrumah

Native Arabic Teacher

"Abarii is perfect solution to sell
your language courses online."


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3 Reasons to Learn African Language 14 Jun 2024

3 Reasons to Learn African Language

Food is the heart of every culture and language, it is its soul! Nelson Mandela once said that if you speak to someone in the language that he understands, it ...
Preservation of Cultural Heritage through African Languages 19 Jan 2024

Preservation of Cultural Heritage through African Languages

Africa is a continent rich in diversity, both in terms of its physical makeup and the multitude of cultures, languages, and customs that exist there.
The Role of African Languages in Intercultural Understanding 19 Jan 2024

The Role of African Languages in Intercultural Understanding

Africa is known as the "cradle of civilization" and is a continent full of unmatched diversity. Africa, with its many cultures, customs, and history, has a ...


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